People with learning disabilities are often denied the opportunity to discuss relationships because it’s assumed that they won’t understand. This means they cannot learn about the grey areas in relationships or how to recognise potentially risky situations and keep themselves safe.

The Traffic Life Game enables health & social care professionals to discuss these sensitive issues with learning disabled adults. It offers the players a safe environment to talk about these important issues and encourages them to support each other. The game uses a traffic light risk assessment system to help players understand how they should respond in certain situations.

The original game was developed by the Lead Clinical Psychologist at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust to help staff manage these discussions and make the discussions more meaningful for the players. The game has been edited, redesigned and published by Focus Games Ltd and is now available to all service providers.

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Dr Clive Thursfield
Research & Innovation Director for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC)

“Having watched the inception and development of the Traffic Life Game through our Innovation team we were very impressed with the focus the game places on teaching emotional and situation awareness to individuals who may otherwise be at risk of learning through experience. The Traffic Life Game is a prime example of the creative methods which we believe can really help individuals early on in their adult lives and which we are proud to support. At BCHC, we look forward to continuing to bring our staff’s insights on patient health to fruition in new and innovative ways”

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